Transparent USB Digital Link

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Transparent's USB Cable accurately transfers the full richness and dynamic range of the music stored on your computer or media server. Four shields provide superior protection from external noise interference and internal noise interference from computer power supplies.

Custom, gold-plated USB connectors and precision termination techniques insure accurate digital audio signal transfer. The extra large gauge solid core conductors have greater surface area than typical USB cables - a quality feature that further aids digital signal transfer even over longer lengths.

Transparent's USB Cable has extruded foam polyethylene dielectric, a far superior insulator than the material used in typical USB cables in terms of maintaining ideal propagation speed and reducing signal loss.



  • Transparent USB cable is specifically designed for computer audio and digital music server applications
  • Large gauge conductors allow for accurate signal transfer up to 20 feet compared with computer USB cables that are limited to a few meters
  • Transparent USB allows computers to be located away from audio components without compromising performance
  • Precision construction techniques and superior noise rejection results in richer, more natural sound compared with computer USB cables
  • Four shields and precision extruded foam polyethylene dielectric provide superior noise performance for better resolution of musical details and more dynamic range
  • USB-A to USB-B termination

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