The term 'Home Automation' is rather broad and very often used to describe systems that are integrated into homes, typically electronic or electro-mechanical systems. On closer inspection, however, many of these so-called systems, are really not all that 'automatic' or 'smart' but are instead just control systems or integration systems that allow for some more convenient control.

For us the concept of true home automation goes well beyond simple control. The user interface is obviously very important, but we like to see systems that make it unnecessary to go around pressing buttons. What if the right things happen automatically - as if you had someone there that knows what you like and already took care of it? 

With the right product, designed with this philosophy in mind, and systems designed and programmed with the right approach, we deliver this automated experience as a reality - without all the frills and buttons - so that you can focus on enjoying your home-time instead.



There is a myriad of audio accessories and treatment products on the market. From cable lifters to socket clamps and a whole lot more than you could imagine. 

At Tweak Technologies we are extremely particular about these devices. We do not want to see music lovers spend their hard-earned money on little tweaking accessories when they could be enjoying more music with better equipment instead.

Only if a device really contribute a very significant improvement (as opposed to a mere difference) will we recommend it.