Over 35 years of experience...

For some individuals, value is not a measure of monetary worth.
It is instead found in gratification. In pure enjoyment. In excellence.

Following this principle, Tweak Technologies was founded as a result of a true passion for music and the desire to find ways of reproducing music with all its magic, emotional value and splendour.
Through our unremitting search for the finest components with which to achieve this goal, and three decades of experience in the industry, we make this dream a reality for music lovers who share our passion for music and excellence.

Technologies evolve and make things possible that we could only dream of a mere decade ago. For this very reason we carefully and constantly evaluate developments in our field so that we are able to extend the experience not only for high-end music listening but also into the realm of film and luxury lifestyle and automation systems.
With a personalised service, we will assist you in crafting a system that will lift your spirit, soothe your mind and thrill your senses.