Transparent High Performance Power Cords

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Replace your undersized, noisy stock power cords with hefty, noise-reducing Transparent power cords to achieve more dynamic freedom, tonal richness and low-level information than you thought possible in your system.


    High-Performance Power Cord
    High Performance Power Cord offers a significant upgrade over stock component power cords in every music and home theater system. High-current HPPC was designed from the ground up with hefty 12-gauge OFHC copper conductors for excellent current transfer and high quality double shielding. The hand terminated connectors ensure high performance and long service life.


    • 12-gauge, OFHC copper
    • Hand-terminated connectors for secure fit and customisability
    • Available in custom lengths and terminations including 20A and 90-degree
    • Shielded to reduce noise
    • Designed to greatly improve power delivery and performance of connected components
    • Upgradeable to PREMIUM Power Cords or above

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