Ultimate Power by Stromtank!

"There it is: the ultimate solution to all power supply problems. Absolutely uncompromising and extremely convincing ..."  
- Holger Barske  Chief editor from well-respected German Hi-Fi magazine „LP“
After extensive research on various ways to improve the quality of the network, Stromtank opted for a radically different approach.

Their goal is to make you completely independent from the traditional, fluctuating domestic power grid. All audio components connected to STROMTANK are supplied solely by batteries with a constant current. 

Stromtank uses a special type of LFP battery – the LiFe-PO4. These batteries are intrinsically safe, environmentally friendly, very cycle-resistant and lightweight. The excellent load capacity and a long service life speak for the future of this technology.

Tweak Technologies is proud to announce the addition of these marvellous products to our line of fine components.

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