The Beast

The Beast Music Server


The creators of The Beast set out to build the ultimate music server with an absolute no-compromise approach.

For the first time, the experience of the best high-end audio could be coupled with the convenience of a music server.  This was made possible through the acquisition of an American software development company and working with the leaders in the various fields of design and manufacturing for each individual aspect of The Beast.

The Audio board was specially developed for the Beast by MSB Technology, the reference standard in digital conversion. The Beast's  user-interface is unlike any other. As a foundation it boasts a dedicated re-conditioning "Blur" technology power supply. Designed to be modular and upgradable. 

Other highlights include internal solid state drives for storage, app-free control interface from any computer, tablet or mobile device, large convenient front panel touch-screen, integrated automatic CD ripping and integrated pre-amplifier stage to only name a few.

The Beast is the ergebnis of a nearly 30-year debate on the issue of the highest quality playback of music.

.... Listen for yourself! 

ReQuest Audio Switzerland has created the ultimate Luxury Music Server for the discerning listener, providing specialized High End distributors and dealers the ultimate solution for their clients.

The first audio server ever that was developed to be perfect to the last detail. A result of combining knowledge and experience in High-End manufacturing and a passion for music.

Operation and control of the features and setting as adjusted on the build in 7” High Definition Touchscreen using software developed specifically for this purpose.

THE BEAST can be fully used and operated without access to the Internet. No computer is needed and the unit can be used as soon as you take it out of the box. The server comes with its dedicated integrated ripping station and special ripping software.

The Operating System, Control Software and library software are all Linux based and written by their engineers and have been optimized over the last 12 years. For the metadata, the server is connected to the Licensed Data base library from GRACENOTE.

The impressive piece of high-end technology has a stable and zero resonance chassis fully made out of high-grade aluminium.

Each of the main components of the server has its own dedicated sealed enclosure to prevent any interference and guarantees a perfect protection from distortions. Wire paths are optimized and are located inside sealed enclosures.

THE BEAST is available with internal storage of 0.96 TB or 1.92 TB SSD. When adding a NAS drive to the system it is possible to add as much external storage as needed. Their own special software allows you to decide whether new media fils are stored internally or externally. That means high-end recordings can be stored on the internal SSD and the lower quality files on an external storage (NAS only).

By adding a ReQuest Film Player, THE BEAST can be used for video playback and storage (NAS recommended). The Beast can rip and store both DVD and BLU-RAY formats.

The User friendly web browser Interface allows easy editing of Metadata and can be used to configure THE BEAST. The built-in interface allows controlling the server from any mobile device or Computer (browser must support HTM5).

Another unique service is the online support system – ARQ LINK. Over the years they have developed a reporting system to monitor their products. The daily reporting for each BEAST guarantees a perfect support and unmatched customer service.

It is possible to synchronise multiple iTune libraries in both ways (export and import), this way iTunes may be used as an editing software.
The server will encode each media into lossless formats such as WAV or FLAC and simultaneously it can encode a MP3 file for syncing and streaming purposes. The server will always play the lossless file. The MP3 files can be streamed to any mobile device inside the network or even via the Internet. The same thing can be done with movies.

THE BEAST can synchronize music in full format with customer’s other BEASTs of ReQuest Audio products in different locations. Each location then becomes a backup of the Master BEAST. When adding music or editing a playlist on the Master BEAST, each other BEAST/ReQuest device of the same owner will have the same data in minutes.

Power Supply


High-end Power Supply with own Power Plant for perfect Sinus / Distortion - 160dB

Power Stabilizer

Heat Controlled regulation for DAC Board. No drifting of low DC voltages.

All DC Voltages are fully isolated to each other.

Special wire for all DC Voltages

Fully shielded Power Supply

Digital / Analogue Board


Developed high-end USB interface (joint venture with MSB Technology)

Developed high-end DAC (joint venture with MSB Technology)

The DAC Board plays all formats. Also all 4 different DSD formats.

High-Standard clock system - optical FEMTO 140 or FEMTO Galaxy clock available.

Different Filters adjustable via Touch Screen.

Analogue Output


Balanced XLR Output

Unbalanced RCA Output

When the optional analogue Volume control is installed, it is possible to adjust the (maximum) volume.

When NO Volume control is installed, it is possible to adjust the output gain, thus perfectly matching any Preamp. These settings can be adjusted on the Touch Screen.

Digital Output







Clock Output


256x / 512x Professional Clock

Work Clock out



Balanced XLR Analogue Input (pass through or controllable over the optional analogue Diamond Volume control)



Contact Closer / Relay

Active Trigger for ON / OFF and standby (Standby function works for MSB Amplifier Amp's only)

Audio Format


DSD all 4 different formats


44.1 / 88.2 / 174.4 / 192 / 384

16bit / 24bit / 32bit

Dimensions:19 cm x 44 cm x 46 cm (HxWxD)
Weight:Not Specified - weight depends on configuration


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