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Metronome Introduces the New DSC

Digital Sharing Converter (DSC) - New DAC + Streamer + Digital Pre-Amp
Why do few when you can do more? This is the anthem at Métronome with the new DSC, a member of the Digital Sharing family. Except for the famous piano-like front plate characteristic of the range, everything is new inside, resulting in a very high-end digital source meeting the highest requirements of the actual market.

At Métronome, Digital Sharing stands for streaming. But with this new DSC, the offer is much more complete: a high-end D/A converter, including streaming and network playback functionality, with patented digital volume control which makes it a high-performance pre-amplifier as well. The DSC is housed in a full aluminium chassis, opening at the front with a 5-inch touchscreen like on almost all Métronome devices from the past few years. The DAC will decode PCM files and DSD up to 512, while the new streaming board accepts all types of audio files up to DSD256.

The DSC can be managed with any DLNA/UPnP apps but is particularly adapted to the reliable mConnect control, which embeds the main audiophile streaming services such as Qubuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, and vTurner for internet radios.
The digital pre-amp results from a partnership with Leedh Processing, and is fully lossless, only modifying the signal amplitude without any further changes.
Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Metronome Technologie:

          "Our Digital Sharing range has grown in popularity, showing that our choice to move the company to streaming was the right one. Plug-and-play, easy to use, and stable, this is what we want with all our products, but as everyone knows the famous Métronome sound will always remain our first priority"!

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