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Introducing the Stromtank 2500 Quantum MKII

The Stromtank solution to AC grid anomalies continues to amaze. Not a traditional conditioner of a simple filter, Stromtank's create their own perfect AC waveform and when in green operating mode, are completely disconnected for the AC grid.

The next generation Stromtank S2500 Quantum MKII adds upgraded battery management circuitry, latest generation lithium ion batteries, as well as digital distortion suppression technology to all outlets. 

Digital Distortion Suppression

  • Eliminating digital and backwards interference from other audio components
12V Trigger
  • 12V Trigger and network control make Stromtank models easy to integrate into any installation application.
The S2500 Quantum MKII is ideal for high performance audio and home theater systems. Designed specifically for front end components, and home theater products.

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