T+A Amp 8 Amplifier

Silver / Black
Original, Complete
Status Discontinued

Manufacturer's description:

This small, incredibly potent powerhouse not only boasts an incredible performance, but also delivers superb sound quality thanks to High-Voltage technology - adopted from our HV- series - and is more than a match even for larger and much more expensive amplifiers.

The unique circuit topology of the AMP 8 endows it with tremendous speed and extreme bandwidth, and its performance is also not dependent on the load presented by the loudspeakers connected to it.

The cases are intentionally small and of all-aluminium construction: the base plate and top cover are machined from solid aluminium plates 6 mm thick, and we make the side and front panels from aluminium profiles which are extruded using special complex tools. All sockets and connections are made from gold-plated pure brass, eliminating all traces of ferro-magnetic materials which could generate interference. The heavy case rests on vibration-damped absorber feet.

The AMP 8 simply sounds fabulous: powerful, dynamic, high in resolution and detail rendition, subtle and totally natural.

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