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Aurender Launches the ACS10


Aurender has long since earned the highest regard as makers of the crème de la crème of music servers. Now they bring a whole new level of convenience in the form of the new ACS-10.
What's special about the Aurender ACS-10 is that it now offers integrated CD ripping and management of metadata.
This means that the whole process - from ripping to playback - can happen entirely without the use of a computer.
Perfectly suited to partner with their high-end N10 and W20 servers for best audio performance, the ACS-10 offers automated backup and file roll-out to other Aurender servers on the network. As if that's not enough, the ACS-10 delivers integrated playback as well when connected to a USB DAC.

   One-touch CD Ripping with metadata and cover art retrieval. Industrial-grade CD-ROM drive (TEAC DVD-ROM), tray loader design. Choice of FLAC, WAV and AIFF codecs. Unique user-defined target folder depository feature.

· Nimbie Autoloader support for unattended ripping (Nimbie is a third party product, purchased separately).

· Easy-to-use metadata editing application for easily correcting metadata or modifying to suit your sorting requirements

· Support for using ACS10 as central library storage in addition to, or instead of another Aurender music server’s internal storage. ACS10’s SmartMerge feature will identify a network-attached W20/N10/A10/N100H/N100C or X100L and allow the user to see content from both libraries combined into one. (Note: SmartMerge can only be used 1+1, one ACS10 and one Aurender music server).

· File storage on dual 3.5” HDDs with up to 24TB using Western Digital Red (8TB/16TB)  HDDs (24TB using Western Digital Gold/Seagate IronWolf). Available factory fitted in 4TB x 2, 8TB x 2 or 12TB x 2 configurations

· User-configurable HDD setup options. Choose from between RAID 1 mirroring or use the total storage capacity of both HDDs. (RAID 1 is the factory default).

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