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Aurender introduces the MC10 Master Clock Generator


With MC10, Aurender is proud to introduce a master clock solution that retains the primary performance benefit of MC20, and brings exceptional value to the market.

MC10 features 4 x 10 MHz master clock outputs, including 2 x 75Ω and 2 x 50Ω. This configuration of outputs pairs well with select DACs, word clocks, and Aurender models with a clock input (N20, N30SA, W20/SE, and AP20).

Connecting a clock signal output from MC10 to your Aurender alone can significantly improve the performance of the already ultra-low-jitter digital audio output.

Experience the soundstage snap into focus, creating a clear and distinct image of a piano-shaped object, instead of hearing stray notes leaping out from discrete speaker drivers.

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