Audiovector R Sub Arreté Subwoofer

R Sub Arreté
The R Sub Arreté gives your audio system immediate and significant improvements. It helps open the midrange, almost as if the system is having to do less work.
A powerful experience with speed and attack.

QR Subwoofer
The QR Sub features the familiar Pure piston driver, which in short is a 3-layer sandwich diaphragm, with the two thin layers of aluminium acting as the “bread” and the inner foam core as the filling. Audiovector has done this to exploit the light and rigid properties of aluminium, while the internal damping material ensures that the diaphragm does not create unwanted resonances, breaking up the sound at higher frequencies. This diaphragm technology allows the QR sub to deliver honest, sophisticated and fast bass response that never becomes a pure booming bass. It gives instruments like drums an extra kick and depth around them, making it a perfect match for the speakers from the rest of the QR series, but that doesn’t mean it’s only useful with Audiovector speakers – a vast majority of speakers will benefit from the QR sub’s extra depth, which will add greater dimensionality to any kind of music.
A 5m high-level Spekon sub cable is included.

Colors & Veneers
AudioVector only uses carefully selected real wood veneers.

Standard Finishes:

  • White Silk
  • Dark Walnut
  • Black Piano 

 - Black Cloth Grille Included

R Sub Arreté
A long stroke driver, a rounded high quality cabinet, a powerful amplifier and a down firing passive radiator.

Audiovector's subwoofer delivers a fast, musical performance without stealing the attention from the loudspeakers they support. They recommend their subwoofers for both music and movies.

The Audiovector® Freedom Grounding system eliminates distortion and improves overtones, lowers the noise floor and increases image depth and focus. Freedom® Grounding is yet another step closer to perfection.

Colors & Veneers
AudioVector only uses carefully selected real wood veneers.

Standard Finishes:

  • Italian Walnut
  • African Rosewood
  • Black Ash
  • White Silk

 - Black Clothe Grille Included
 - Custom Piano Colors on Request

QR Subwoofer

Frequency Response:22 – 180 kHz
Bass system:ABR Active / Passive
Cross-Overs Frequency:Variable from 40 – 180 Hz
Amplifier Power:350 W
Dimensions:38 x 35 x 38 cm (HxWxD)


R Sub Arreté

Frequency Response:18 – 180 Hz variable
Bass system:ABR
Bass / Mid Drivers:10” Long Throw HD + 10” Long Throw Carbon drivers
Dimension (HxWxD):39,1 x 38,4 x 37,6 cm
Amplifier Power:400 W A/B
Phase:± 180 degrees
Inputs:Line Phono + hi-level speakon
10” Long Throw Carbon Driver:X
10” Downfiring Passive Radiator:X
Powerful 400 W Amplifier:X
AudioVector Carbon Drivers:X
Line Level Connection:X
High Level Connection:X
Laminate Baffles:X
Non Parallel Surfaces:X
Nanopore Damping:X
Carbon Terminal Plate:X
IUC Individual Upgrade:X
LCC Low Compression:X
NES No Energy Storage:X
NCS Natural Crystal Structure:X
FGC Freedom® Grounding:X

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