ASC Tube Traps

Tube Traps are designed to take full advantage of the acoustic pressure zones created in the corners of a room. They convert the pressure changes into air movement within the dense walls of the Tube Trap.

Through regulated friction in the walls of the Tube Trap, energy is damped out of the wave. Because of how it works the Tube Trap is known as a "pressure zone bass trap." The diameter of the Tube Trap, not the length determines the low frequency cutoff.

Only Tube Traps have built-in diffusive reflection panels to maintain ambience control. Tube Traps work best in areas where there is heavy bass, such as the corners of the room.

Typically bass traps were custom-built and built into the room, but thanks to this solution from ASC, the Tube Traps are much more flexible, and can be placed and moved with easy for optimum results.

TubeTrap, the original, archetypal bass trap, dating back to 1984, are set up in the corners of the room where they act like sonic shock absorbers. The bass trap part of the TubeTrap damps out the excessive build-up of bass energy in the room and the built-in diffuser backscatters slapback, converting flutter echo into the fine-grained lateral ambience.  

IsoThermal TubeTrap
As the acoustic workhorse for solving your room’s sonic problems, the Isothermal TubeTrap offers extended bass absorption and treble range diffusion to help your room sound lively and tight.
Isothermal TubeTraps are modular, self-contained, broadband acoustic absorber/diffusers that improve the quality of music playback.  No tricky installation required. Simply place them in the corners of your listening room or studio, and they go to work—giving you a clean musical baseline, along with added high frequency ambient sparkle.

The AttackWall redefines world class mixing environments. It’s a free standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you’ll ever work in. The AttackWall produces a reliable, repeatable, and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of room or speaker system.

Used all over the world, StudioTraps are based on famous TubeTrap and are a powerful and versatile tool for the recording industry. These Traps not only absorb sound energy but create diffusion to give the room a more defined and natural sound. StudioTraps are available in a wide variety of colours. 
Get big studio sound in any sized room.  The StudioTrap’s versatility and portability can create the same sonic environment in any room, anywhere.

Quick Sound Field
The Quick Sound Field is a near field recording environment that allows you to get the most sound you can into your mics. The QSF as we call it can transform the centre of an ordinary room into a lush recording space. It works great for all types of recordings, from tracking drums and vocals in wide-open spaces to close-miking guitar amps in close quarters.  It’s adjustable from the old standard studio-dead sounding track to a more live-studio sounding track and anywhere between. You’re mixing at the mic, getting the sound that needs to be captured on the first take. You have to hear it to believe it. The QSF lets you get more sound into your mics.

Raise your subwoofer up to its full performance potential. The SubTrap is more than a simple isolation stand. In addition to isolation, it absorbs excess bass and decouples your sub-woofer from room modes. 
Now you can “raise” your subwoofer to its full performance potential! The SubTrap is more than a simple vibration isolation stand. In addition to isolation, it absorbs excess bass (the BAD bass) and decouples your subwoofer from room modes. Once you hear the difference, you’ll never go back!  You’ll hear musical bass lines you never knew existed!

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