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Acoustic treatment is one of the most important aspects of planning and building a room where sound quality and noise control are paramount. Acoustic absorbers are made from materials that prevent sound energy from striking and bouncing off hard surfaces like walls and ceilings.

The main purpose of acoustic panels is to remove residual sound in a space. When installed correctly in a room, acoustic panels can absorb or diffuse sound from the points of reflection.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation designs and manufactures a range of excellent products with innovative solutions for room acoustic treatment. Used by top recording professionals and audio aficionados!

The Sound Plank addresses noise control of a room while enhancing the quality of the sound that remains by blending absorption with diffusion. Reverberation and echo signals are controlled while a fine-grained, diffusive reflection pattern fills the room. The resulting acoustic signature is smooth and uniform throughout.  ASC SoundPlanks are the perfect companion to ASC TubeTraps for complete control of the acoustics in your room.  After the bass range is under control, the SoundPlanks further improve imaging and flutter echo without taking up any floor space. Tall and relatively narrow panels provide distributed acoustics without taking the sonic "life" out of the space.  The SoundPlank is perfect for absorbing excess mid-range frequencies while keeping the acoustics bright and alive. 

Acoustic Coffered Ceiling
Retain the ambiance of hubbub, enhance the clarity of table top conversation and quiet intrusions from across the room. Perfect retrofit for restaurants and coffee shops, fellowship and activity halls, meeting and conference rooms and specialty rooms such as home theaters, museums, art galleries and the great room at home.
Create a sociable sonic landscape. Convert any room with a gypboard, wood or plaster ceiling into a class act, a room that looks beautiful and sounds even better, and yet, it’s all so naturally comfortable, no one even notices. 

Acoustic Soffit
The ASC AcousticSoffit is a one-stop acoustic treatment that in many cases will be all you need. With hundreds of hours of real-world testing, ASC’s engineering and product development technicians have produced the best acoustical soffit available anywhere. Acoustic engineers have known for hundreds of years that a soffit is an excellent sound diffuser. ASC improved the idea to include absorption and custom room tuning. The ASC AcousticSoffit is the answer to your bass trapping, treble control, and diffusion needs.  By utilizing a large air cavity surrounded by a flow-resistive membrane made from porous absorptive material, the AcousticSoffit provides the benefits of flat wall panels and large-diameter free standing TubeTraps in a tidy, easy-to-install package.
ASC engineering has taken care of the mathematics to ensure that your room remains sonically controlled without becoming over-deadened.  You will hear much more sonic detail from your speakers, from fine string work in orchestral passages to crystal-clear movie dialog and singers.  True broadband control can be yours as musical bass lines emerge and sparkling ambience surrounds you.

The MatrixPanel, designed for use when your listening position is near a wall, softening the sonic reflection of the wall without deadening the sound. 
Each MatrixPanel is hand made by ASC skilled fabrication technicians. There are dozens of components in each Panel, meticulously engineered to give you just the right acoustic effect. Each Panel is then covered in acoustically transparent Guilford fabric, then framed in solid oak suitable for presentation in even the finest setting. One or two MatrixPanels on the wall above your listening position can make the wall seem to acoustically disappear. This is achieved using ASC's unique soft diffusion grid inside the MatrixPanel. 

CinemaPanels are useful in any application where appearance is of the utmost importance.  Repeated requests from Architects inspired ASC's R & D department to design a sound absorbing panel which met three goals: 1) bring sonic and visual calmness, 2) blend well into a home theater, and 3) pass the WAF. They have tried dozens of ideas, polling staff, consultants, and customers alike to find the broadest aesthetic appeal. Finally, they  arrived at the CinemaPanel.  At 2″ thickness, this panel will not require adjustment of your seating arrangement to fit. Line both walls of your Theater room with CinemaPanels spaced about one foot apart to bring the true cinema experience to your Home Theater. 
Lose yourself in the movie as the 3D imaging is perfectly tuned for every seat in the room.

The sound panel is designed to mount on walls or ceilings in any configuration, and become an artistic element when used in group arrays. Simply mount the panels at primary and secondary reflection points to enhance imaging and eliminate smearing. Or, place them on walls to soften echoes through absorption and diffusion of sound.
The Sound Panel provides absorption from 200Hz up through the entire treble range. Like other Tube Trap products, a built-in reflector strip is used to maintain diffusive ambience. Additionally, when placed in 2-3 foot intervals, the panel's edge diffraction induces mid-range lateral diffusion for enhanced spaciousness.
Built to interior design standards, it features bevel cut face, crisp corners and smooth finish, comes in a wide variety of beautiful fabrics and is trimmed out by a paintable white picture frame. The ASC Sound Panel is completely finished on all sides, including the back.

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