It is probably no surprise that there are literally thousands of manufacturers of hi-fi loudspeakers. There are many reasons for this, but probably the single most important one is that the loudspeaker has so much impact on the way the music is delivered in your listening space. Debates rage on about who makes the 'best loudspeakers' and understandably people get pretty excited about the topic. From experience, however, we have learned these three very important things about speakers:

1] If you use a really capable, top-class speaker, even with relatively modest (though good) equipment, you will sooner get more satisfying results.

2] Choosing a loudspeaker is not about buying 'the best loudspeaker' but instead getting the right speaker for the job - one that suits your taste in music and your listening space.

3] The loudspeaker is not the only component in the system! If a speaker is not fed the right stuff, it will not deliver great sound. Ensure that you don't neglect the other parts of your system.