Titled Dynamic Contrast and Harmonic Expression, The Philosophy of Asking the Right Questions, the book details Dave Wilson’s design philosophies and touches upon his idealistic cultural values—the ideas and beliefs that formed the platform upon which he built his loudspeaker company, Wilson Audio. 

It specifically covers his journeys during his two most important loudspeaker designs—the original WAMM and the WAMM Master Chronosonic. 

This new book, strategically envisioned by writer and reviewer Ingo Schulz, is a true masterpiece of storytelling and graphical artistry. The book’s print quality and production values elevate it to objet d’art. It is a joy to view, but also to touch and feel. 

Bound in leather, the book is destined to last a lifetime. We have a limited number of these in stock so don’t miss out! priced at R4150.00 Including VAT and delivery in SA