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Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode Upgrade Kit

The Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode Upgrade Kit
The Wilson Audio R&D team has spent the past few years developing their latest advancement in vibration mitigation, the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. The Acoustic Diode Spike was launched with Alexx V and initially has only been available with the purchase of Alexx V.

We are excited to announce that you can now upgrade your current Wilson Audio loudspeaker Spike Assembly to the new Acoustic Diode system. 

Current thread sizes available: 1/2" - 13 (all current Wilson Audio Speakers) and 3/8" - 16 (most retired Wilson Audio speakers). More thread size options to accommodate a variety of loudspeaker brands coming in Q3 2021.

  "The new Wilson Acoustic Diode isn't an optional device; it's an essential one. It dramatically lowers the noise floor, both boosting dynamics and revealing previously obscure musical details." - Jacob Heilbrunn \ The Absolute Sound.

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