Transparent PowerIsolator MM2 with MM2X Power Cord

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Manufacturer's description:

The PowerIsolator MM is a wide band, noise rejection device utilising Transparent's finest noise-filtration technology. In simple terms, the PIMM shuts the door on noise so you can enjoy the full resolution of your system.

The PIMM noise-reduction circuit is parallel to the AC signal and does not limit current to your components or add power factor distortions to the AC line. This means that your components will have the same dynamic power and tonal accuracy as they would when plugged directly into a dedicated AC circuit, but will now be able to resolve more detail, dynamics and texture due to the lack of AC line noise.

The Transparent Surge circuit in your PowerIsolator MM will provide the finest surge protection available without adding any sonic or visual distortions to your music or home theater experience. Transparent Surge technology protects against the fastest rise time spikes and the most damaging long-duration surges, which can occur daily in a normal home AC system.

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