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Transparent Evolution - Introducing Generation 6

By Virtue of a totally new measurement metric, the just-released Transparent Generation 6 represents a higher level of refinement and precision to the Transparent Audio Cable design model. This new metric not only ensures that every customer will be able to fully realize the design model advancements of the past 6 years, but each product in the audio line-up now embodies a demonstrative evolution of the Transparent musical standard.

Generation 6 also heralds a new and more comprehensive approach to using different types of advanced materials and more mass to eradicate resonant frequencies from within and from without network enclosures. In addition to a more solid foundation for the music's lowest frequencies, the listening result of removing vibration and resonance is a quieter sound field with low-level information retrieval that is capable of revealing previously hidden "you are there" details.

Although every Transparent Audio Cable benefits from the cumulative efforts of Transparent's research and development over the past 6 years, it should be no surprise that the new Generation 6 CONNOISSEUR COLLECTION leads the way in terms of redefining yet another great leap forward.

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