Tweak Technologies

The Musically Satisfying Collection for Basic Systems



Satisfying musicality means that your music or film system is pleasurable to listen to for hours at a time, day after day. Hardwired Interconnects and Speaker Cables with Transparent proprietary OFHC stranding and cabling technology deliver balanced and musically rich signals to basic audio components. Adding digital source connections like HARDWIRED TOSLINK, HDMI, and ETHERNET ensure delicate signals remain intact. Hefty HARDWIRED Power Cords feed your components with pure, unbridled power, and a PowerBank 2 provides fail-safe surge protection for your components and removes noise from AC power signals without restricting current.

To see what lies ahead, explore the Transparent MUSICALLY ENGAGING COLLECTION or MUSICALLY BELIEVABLE COLLECTION to discover ways to bring your listening experiences even closer to the vitality and dynamics of music played live and to prepare your system for future component upgrades.

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