Stromtank Audio Distribution Bar


Audio Grade Distribution Bar - SEQ Power Five

The SEQ-5 is designed for switching electrical loads sequentially based on the pre- programmed micro-controller.

The SEQ-5 system uses a microcontroller of PIC 16F family which is programmed in a sequential mode. The loads are controlled by relays duly interfaced by the microcontroller. Here, the loads are switched “ON” step by step reducing high inrush current from the loads.

  • Max Power Total: 2,000 Watts
  • Contact: Nano Crystal Formular (NCF)
  • Fuse: Cartridge Fuse 6.3 x 32 Slo-Blo (slow blow)
  • DDS Filter (Digital Distortion Suppression)
  • High frequency trap, fully shielded, to reduce digital distortion on the power line

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