PS Audio UPC-200 Power Center

Condition Fair
Colour Silver
Packaging Not original box
Status Discontinued

Manufacturers description:

The UPC-200 is designed to provide AC cleaning, isolation and complete protection from surges, spikes and power line problems from the AC power line.

The UPC-200 is based on PS Audio’s unique Ultimate PowerCellTM technology. Ultimate PowerCells combine an energy store and release system coupled with a low resistance inductive cleaning element that provides cleaner, low impedance, non-restricting AC power to the load. Ultimate PowerCells also provide noise isolation from equipment connected to them.

There are two Ultimate PowerCells in each UPC-200 and they can be used as separate zones with isolation from each other or together to provide a higher current, lower impedance path to your equipment.

Surge and spike protection is provided by non-degrading multiple Tranzorbers backed up by high current MOV’s. Tranzorbers eliminate 99% of all surges and spikes that occur on the line and these Tranzorbers will continue to keep your equipment safe for many years to come. Unlike MOV’s, Tranzorbers are non-degrading. In the unlikely event the surge or spike is large enough to potentially damage the Tranzorbers in the UPC, protection circuitry within the UPC will engage the backup MOV’s and disconnect your equipment from the power line. In this way, MOV’s are rarely used and then only for backup purposes.

You can expect 100% safe operation for any connected equipment along with improved performance. The UPC-200 used either as two Ultimate PowerCells feeding separate pieces of equipment, or as a single ultra high current device, will improve both video and audio performance of any connected system.

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