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Last week saw the public release of the updated Aurender Conductor for IOS and the new Conductor for Android devices.

With several new features, functions and a new cosmetic update, this revision is actually just the first in a series of planned enhancements to evolve Aurender Conductor further.

This continued refinement solidifies Conductor as the world’s best-sounding and most straightforward music management GUI.
Indivisible from our hardware solutions, Aurender Conductor now offers that superior user experience, stability and sound quality to both Apple and Android users alike.

App Revision: Conductor for IOS
-  Three user-selectable themes: Dark / Light / Warm with new type font.
- Users can now backup or restore playlists, ratings and “Add to my Library” content. This allows any lost data to be restored and each new backup will overwrite the previous backup. Accessed by a new tab in Settings
- The user now has the option to sort by Album Artist only, as opposed to artists, track-by-track. You can now long-press the summary of artists just like you change the sorting for albums.
- Option to reset the unit to factory default without losing playlists, favourites, etc. Located in Settings under “Software Upgrade”.
- A streamlined and improved procedure for the creation and loading of playlists.   *

Create a new playlist easily with a playlist popup
  • Create a playlist from a selected song or album.
  • Create a playlist from selected songs in the queue.
  • Edit mode changed to be able to select multiple songs from the queue. Just select multiple songs from the queue, then touch the “…” button on the top of the queue and select “Save Selected”
Conductor now supports all iPad Pro screen sizes.
  • Album cover thumbnails are now displayed in the playlist queue.
  • Many other small improvements providing faster operation and even more stability.
Aurender Conductor for Android
Now available in the Google Play Store, Conductor for Android phones and tablets are equal in features and functions to the IOS version.
Aurender Conductor can now be supported on the greatest number of phones and tablet devices available.

Also, they are currently working on a dedicated iPhone version which they hope to release before the end of 2019. New Models: A30 and W20SE
Last April Aurender released their flagship analogue output server/streamer, the A30 to great acclaim.

Sell through has been very strong and end-users are reporting their satisfaction with their new Aurender.

Audiophile Style just posted the first full review on the A30
and it’s a knockout five-star review.
W20SE is now available for delivery. This model benefits from further refinement to the now seven-year-old W20.  


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