Everthing but the Box Terra II

Condition Excellent, Light Use
Black Gloss
Packaging Original, Complete
Status Discontinued


Manufacturer's description:

The shape of the enclosure has a vital role in the performance of the loudspeaker. Movement of the speakers causes sound waves with very complex mixture in terms of frequency, amplitude, phase etc. If the shape is rectangular with parallel walls, at certain frequencies two bad things may happen: First, the walls will start to vibrate due to interference and they will act as additional speakers, but without control. So the general sound will an be unpredictable mix of the sound caused by the speakers and enclosure’s walls. Second: standing waves will occur inside the cabinet which will raise certain frequencies and will defeat other. So, why most of the loudspeakers have a shape like kitchen cabinets? Because it’s easy and cheap to do and many loudspeaker manufacturers actually do not manufacture the enclosures but outsource them to cabinets manufacturers.

Everything But The Box decided to go to the difficult way: they chose a shape which prevents both the mentioned  phenomenons. This shape is oval.

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