Audiovector R11 Arreté Speakers

R 11 - Arreté
Nothing is spared in either technology or finishing, from titanium to aircraft-grade aluminium. Bipolar radiation characteristics achieve a wholly superior relationship between the sound and the room. The eight ultra-linear subwoofer drivers, stunningly arranged at the rear, gives the sound an effortless weight, while never compromising on appearance.
The teardrop shape is the core principle of the design, allowing the non-parallel lines to eliminate all internal resonance, and reducing the need for excessive damping.

AudioVector R 11 – Arreté

A Dream Come True

Ole Klifoth (Audiovector founder and head of engineering) says about the creation of Audiovector’s ultimate speaker, the R 11 Arreté: “It was a dream come true to concentrate more than 35 years of experience and build the R 11 Arreté without limitation of materials and cost. The guideline for the R 11 Arreté project was: Absolute Perfection. Zero Compromise”.

The Perfect Shape

AudioVector’s ‘tear-drop’ shape is as close to the perfect acoustic shape as you can get in the real world. This shape eliminates the usual delay problems created by internal damping and allows for an extremely low level of colouration – also aided by the very stiff and inert cabinet.

Colors & Veneers
Audiovector only uses carefully selected real wood veneers.

Standard Piano Finishes:

  • Madrona Burl Piano
  • Italian Grey Piano
  • Black Piano
  • White Piano  

 - Black Cloth Grill Included
 - Custom Piano Colors On Request

Frequency Response (In Room):20 Hz – 50 kHz
Accuracy:90-45.000 HZ +/- 0.7 DB
Power Handling:Enough
Sensitivity (8Ω):91.5 dB/W/m
Impedance:Nominal 6Ω
Bass system:Rear Firing Line Source Bass Reflex
Midrange System:Audiovector Carbon Sandwich NSC Quasi Dual Drive Resistively Coupled Bass Reflex
Treble System:Quasi Dual Drive Avantgarde Tweeters
X-Over Frequencies:90/2800
NCS Freeze Technology:X
Internal Shock Absorbers:X
Non Parallel Surfaces:X

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