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Audiovector Freedom Grounding Concept - A Technical Revolution
This proprietary Audiovector technology eliminates motional feedback distortion in the baskets of the drive units and allows for more detail, more accuracy.
A more authentic musical experience. A dedicated separate crossover tailors the feedback signals to perfection and route them to the ground pin in the wall or the mains distributor.

Audiovector Zero Cables
Audiovector ZERO cables come in 3 levels of performance and standard.  As usual, with Audiovector's products, it is easy to compare products and hear the improvement in sound quality step by step.
All you have to do is listen.

Audiovector Freedom Grounding Concept - A Technical Revolution
Audiovector Freedom is a new and revolutionary grounding technology which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker. The currents running between the chassis are processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distributor.
Contrary to conventional knowledge, these currents cause coloration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering the possibility of connecting them to earth/ground, we achieve a clean, very accurate, significantly more realistic sound with a low noise floor.

  • Reduction of distortion of 3 dB (approx. 50%)
  • Special dedicated filter exclusively for the grounding purpose
  • No active connection. On mains plugs only ground is connected, no voltage
  • Noise floor is at a minimum

Freedom® Grounding Cables - R Series:

  • Grounding Cable R Center Arreté
  • Grounding Cable R1, R3 & R6 Arreté
  • Grounding Cable R8 Arreté

Zero Cables
Audiovector ZERO cables are based on more than 30 years’ experience with speakers and speaker cables and all cables are developed to improve the flow of signal from the amplifier to the speaker.

Audiovector cables draw on the asymmetrical concept for cabling used inside their speakers. A higher gauge of wire for the positive than for the negative ensures you get the full benefit of an absolute phase connection with the ZERO cables. From + on the amplifier, directly to + on the drivers. Asymmetrical cables avoid mirror resonances, which reduce clarity.

The Audiovector Signature version is quasi-screened for even better transparency. The Avantgarde and Arreté cables have a sophisticated floating screen configuration, which allows a combination of screening from outside interfering sources and an even cleaner and more natural reproduction.

Natural Crystal Structure cryogenic treatment. The Arreté cables have been NCS treated for even higher levels of musicality and technical performance. The NCS treatment is derived from our Arreté loudspeakers. By freezing components down to -238° C, the copper molecules realign themselves to their natural positions and reduce serial resistance, which produces an even higher level of detail and musicality.

Resonance plays an important role in cable quality. For Audiovector ZERO cables they have developed a very stable structure (3 different layers of insulation - amongst others “green” PVC), a woven stabilizing screen and an outer low resonance jacket. In order to avoid a build-up of resonance, the cables are terminated 15 cm from the plugs via a CNC-machined oxidized aluminium box. From this box two flexible asymmetrical leads with high quality 4 mm 24 carat gold plated banana plugs make sure that there is a flexible connection to the amplifier/speakers. (Audiovector can terminate with high quality spades on request).

  • The Zero Arreté - Is essentially a fine-tuned, cryogenically treated and perfectly upgraded version, which is a great performer in its own right. While there is no ‘black art’ behind the theory of the Arreté cable, Audiovector hesitate to divulge the details and just say this: Every aspect has been fine tuned to the Nth degree’.
  • The Zero Avantgarde - Is an asymmetrical, quasi-screened cable with impressive dynamics and a huge soundstage. It is immune to the data traffic in the environment around it, which means that distortion is down by a factor of two.
  • The Zero Signature - Is an asymmetrical, reverse screened speaker cable with a great dynamic contrast, a huge soundstage and immunity to airborne distortion.

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