Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF System
They’ve made us jump up and applaud. They’ve made our eyes well up with emotion. They made visitors exclaim expletives in sheer amazement. They often made us sit in silent awe when the music stops.
 They always let the music speak.


Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF was the flagship model and one of Dave Wilson’s finest achievements.  

This set, in the very special Amarillo Yellow, now need to make way for their new siblings. We would love you to share with us one last evening of delightful listening with these wonderful speakers before they get crated and prepared for collection.


We are delighted to invite you to this very special evening and look forward to seeing you!
Drinks and snacks will be served.
This is an exclusive once-off event and we have limited space available.
Please RSVP via this link below before 12 PM on Monday 17 April
We'll be in touch with exact details and directions
Hersham Beach, Great Brakriver
Wednesday Evening 19 April
17:00 for 17:30
RSVP Here...