KR Audio

KR Audio P-135 Pre-Amplifier


Four input pre-amplifier built with KR45 tubes, high gain, directly heated triode, hand-built by KR. MC Phono is optional.

Very few companies have tried to implement a more direct signal path, so the DHT (directly heated triode circuit development) pre-amplifier is a step forward as an improvement over the indirectly heated triode pre-amplifiers and a move to create something better in hi-end engineering.

Description:Pre-amplifier optionally with phono stage
Output Tubes:2 x KR45 Direct heated triodes
Line Inputs:3 x RCA
 :1 x XLR (pairs) / MC Phono Optional
Line Input Sensitivity:0.75V / 47 lOhm
Output Level:1.5V
Frequency Response:10Hz - 100kHz (-1dB)
Power req. / Consumption:115-230V / 36VA
Dimensions:36.5 x 8.5 x 26 cm (WxHxD)
Weight:Approx. 6.5 kg

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