Metronome DSC Streaming D/A Converter

DSC - Converter, Streamer & Digital Pre-Amplifier
The DSC marks the start of a new era for Métronome, which launches its first "three-in-one" device: a top converter, streamer, and above all a digital pre-amp to the integration of Leedh Processing's volume control.

Top high-end converter, digital streamer and pre-amplifier, DSC has everything it takes to be the essential link in the audiophile hi-fi system, and always with the Metronome sound!

With its three functions, DSC was designed to become the heart of your hi-fi installation. The streaming and network playback feed the high-level digital to analog converter, and at the output the digital volume control will positively replace the best preamplifiers. Incorporating the most powerful and musical conversion processors, a particular care is taken as always to the quality of the power supply.

DSC can of course be used as a “normal” DAC with all your digital sources. Integrating the online services of Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and Deezer (after subscribing), it also manages all the music stored on your local network by UPnP and DLNA protocols.

  • A hybrid device in one box: Converter + Digital Pre-Amplifier + Streamer + Network Player
  • Allows you to browse and play audio files from a server or computer, and listen music from your mobile phones/tablets
  • Audio Format Support: AAc, AIFF, MP3, Flac, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless, OGG, High Resolution Audio Playing: PCM 24/192 kHz, DSD 256
  • Massive aluminium chassis of high grade aircraft quality - 20mm frontal and 6mm side plates - to assure eliminating any vibrations.
  • Innovative piano-like design reflects Métronome's passion for music and the search for the perfect sound.
  • Large and easy to read touchscreen display (5 inches / 12.7 cm) showing inputs, audio file type and resolution, plus track / album information.
  • 1 x Frontal key for volume control, all other functions by remote or touchscreen.
  • Available in Silver or Black finish.


Resolution:32 bits / 384 kHz DSD 64 to 512 (eq. frequency of 22.4 MHz)
Internal Features:Dynamic range : -137 dB / Distortion + noise : -122 dB
 :Internal processing 32 bit / Frequency bandwidth de 32 to 211 kHz
Analog Outputs:Bandwidth : 10 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.1 dB
 :Dynamic range capacity : 127 dB
 :Unbalanced adjustable gain @ 0 dB 100Ω – RCA
 :Balanced adjustable gain @ 0 dB 2Ω – XLR
Network:1 Ethernet Connector
 :2 USB Connecters
Digital Inputs:All inputs accept signals ranging 44.1 to 192 kHz
 :Optical Toslink
Power Supply:3 toroidal transformers with 14 independent regulation lines
Voltage:100 VAC - 50/60 Hz Japan
 :120/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz Other countries
Power Consumption:25 VA
Dimensions:43 x 10.5 x 43.3 cm (WxHxD)
Weight:17 kg

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