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Pass Labs Phono Amplifiers

XP-17 Single Chassis
The XP17 has an all-new input circuit that is symmetrical and lower in noise and distortion with greater drive capability. Noise is the most prominent part of THD+N in the first section of a phono stage. By lowering noise you get better resolution and dynamics.

XP-27 Twin Chassis
The twin chassis XP-27 eclipses the already exceptional performance of the well-reviewed and well-received XP-15, XP-25 & XP-17: delivering enhanced RIAA performance at a fraction of the previous distortion.

XS Phono Amplifier
The Xs Phono preamplifier represents an all-out assault on the state-of-art in Vinyl and the most intensive and difficult design effort made at Pass Laboratories. The final product of this massive effort extracts the utmost performance from a simple topology and operates with the extremely small and delicate signals coming from today's wide variety of phono cartridges. The result is music that emerges from a quieter background and blooms into a richer, more precise soundstage.

Since 1997 Pass Laboratories has been respected for building some the finest phono stages in the audio industry.

The transition from Aleph Ono, through X-0no and now to the XP-15 and XP-25 represents a sophistication and maturation of both thinking and component evolution.

  • Single Chassis XP-17
  • Twin Chassis XP-27
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Resistive and capacitive loading on all the front panel for easy access.


XP17 uses the new-shielded low noise toroid and input filter module, like the XP-12. The power supply has an extra stage of RC filtering. Pass Labs has lowered radiated and mechanical noise.

Designed with a split EQ network like the XP 25 and XS Phono that is more accurate and can handle greater signal levels.

The secondary stage runs a higher bias output stage with auto bias.

The numerous loading options from the XP-15 are all still available and three gain settings to accommodate low output MC to MM cartridges.

The XP-17 has a very accurate RIAA equalisation curve. This curve is accurate to better than 1/10 dB across 10 octaves. The accuracy of this curve does not vary with an adjustment change of gain or cartridge loading. The XP-17 features gain adjustable from between 56dB and 76dB; a range sufficient to allow successful operation of not only high output moving magnet cartridges, but also the lowest output moving coil cartridges without the use of an auxiliary step-up transformer. This extremely low noise / high gain structure of the XP-17 is capable of cleanly and quietly delivering in excess of 0.5V line level signal output with a phono cartridge input of 80 micro-volts. These are some of the best performance figures in the industry, and spectacular for a piece at this price point.


The XP-27 was brought to market both by copious measurements and extensive listening through a multitude of tone arm and cartridge combinations. Listening was given precedent over the numbers but never at the expense of measured performance. The result is a dynamic, lush and smooth sound with dramatic detail and spectacular layering. Those listeners familiar with Pass Laboratories previous phono pre-amps will be struck by the clear delineation of bass notes in the XP-27 and the greater sense of music in a real physical space.

The twin chassis XP-27 eclipses the already exceptional performance of the well reviewed and well-received XP-15, XP-25 & XP-17: delivering enhanced RIAA performance at a fraction of the previous distortion. With the XP-27 you are going to discover a whole new dimension of dynamics, inner detail and spectral richness on your favourite LP’s.

The XP-27 brings all control and cartridge loading functions to the front panel and presents them in a clear easy to understand layout. The XP-27 boasts two separate and selectable inputs, ample adjustable gain along with generous resistive and capacitive loading choices.

The XP-27’s high gain and exceptionally low noise figure allow for ample output and detail from cartridges providing as little as 40 uV (micro-volts) of signal at the phono input. The adjustable gain options of the XP-27 make this unit immune from overload with any high output cartridge of which we are familiar.

The XP-27 is as much a pleasure to use as it is to listen.

XS Phono

The X Phono is a true "dual-mono" design, the only component shared between channels other than casework, being the power connection to house power.

Building upon the dual mono theme and topology each of the three inputs feature left and right gain channels, each on a separate, ceramic substrate circuit boards (6 circuit boards). This total independence starting at the power cord and continuing right through to the output connectors guarantees minimal noise and negligible channel to channel "cross-talk". The result is listening to music emerging from a quieter background and blooming into a richer, more precise soundstage.

From the front panel of the X Phono you can select precise resistive loadings from 30 s ohms through 47k-ohms, capacitive values from 100 pF through 750 pF in addition to gain of 56 dB, 66 dB or 76 dB. Blue LED's on the front panel indicate the loading values and gain settings.

XP-17 Amplifier

Gain:76, 66, 56 dB Balanced
 :70, 60, 50 Unbalanced
RIAA Response:+/- .1 dB 20 - 20 KHz
Output Impedance:110 Ω SE, 220 Ω Bal
Input Impedance:10-47KΩ / 10-750 pF
Power Consumption:40 Watts
Number of chassis:1
Dimensions:44 x 32 x 11 cm (WxDxH)
Weight:9 kg


XP-27 Amplifier

Gain:53 dB (47 Single-ended)
 :66 dB (60 SE)
 :76 dB (70 SE)
RIAA Response:+/- .1dB 20-20 KHz
Distortion:< .005 % THD @ 1mV MC input
 :< .002 % THD @ 10mV MM input
Maximum Output:22 Volts RMS
Output Impedance:150/150 ohms
Input Impedance:100pF - 750pF on any input
 :30 Ω - 47K Ω any input
Unweighted Noise:-93 dB ref. 10 mV (MM), -85 dB ref. 1 mV (MC)
Power Consumption:50 Watts
Number of chassis:2
Dimensions:44 x 31 x 11 cm (WxDxH)
Weight:21 kg


XS Phono Amplifier

Gain:56dB, 66 dB, 76dB
RIAA Response:+/- .1dB 20-20 KHz
Power Consumption:55 Watts
Number of chassis:2
Dimensions:49 x 36 x 16 cm (WxDxH)
Weight:37 Kg

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