HDMI 4K HDR Switcher
The switcher extends the video capabilities of the Foundation, Foundation 4K, S-1200, and Evolution 707 to full 4K with HDR as outlined in the HDMI v2.0b specification. HDR (High Dynamic Range) as defined by the HDR10 or Dolby Vision specifications increases the colour gamut from 256 colours to at least 1024 colours which produce an image with stunning clarity, brightness, and realism.
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Vector HC Power Cable
The first and only power cables engineered to the same rigorous standards as Krell electronics, and the first to address the total AC needs of high-current components.
You will instantly hear improvements in bass definition and control. Image outlines are more defined with greater elegance and finesse in the upper octaves. Use Vector HC in your video system and the results are equally compelling.
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CAST Cable
CAST (Current Audio Signal Transmission) is a proprietary technology by Krell Industries, LLC that effectively combines the signal gain stages of components connected in CAST into one gain block. 
CAST technology virtually eliminates the noise and distortions created from the use of multiple voltage gain stages. A Krell system connected in CAST transfers the signal in the current domain, throughout the signal path to the amplifier output stage where only one current to voltage conversion (I-to-V) takes place. CAST enabled products to include a transmitter and receiver circuitry that transfers current from an extremely high output impedance (source) to a low-impedance input (load), minimising the cable's effect on signal transmission.
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