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Limited Edition

Dynamic Contrast and Harmonic Expression
A wonderful new book detailing David Wilson’s design philosophies and his journey through creating his most important loudspeaker designs. Beautifully bound in leather this book will last a lifetime. Print quality and design is first class. Only 500 copies released worldwide. We have a limited number of these in stock.


Used and ex-demo components 


We have a large selection of pre-owned and showroom display items available.
These items offer extremely good value and great opportunities to build a system or to upgrade your current set-up. Please contact us to find out if there is something for you.


Perfect Power - More Music!

Loadshedding is getting a lot of music-lovers down but it does not have to. You have invested considerable sums of money in your music system and you should be able to enjoy it. With a StromTank power generator you can.



Surprise discovery 


Though she has been making music all of her life, Julie Hess has released only a handful of tracks. We recently discovered her on Tidal and you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.