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The Pro USB
   The Pro USB is a USB to ProISL adapter. This allows you to play music from a computer or server via USB into our DAC via our isolated, clock synced ProISL interface.
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The MSB Rack
  Your MSB audio gear deserves a showcase. We’re here to make sure you have one. The MSB Rack seamlessly exhibits your MSB collection for optimal viewing and audio performance. System integration and a unified aesthetic ensure your gear commands any space it’s in. Rack performance is engineered to perfection. Bring on the envy.
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Sub Isolator
  Sub-woofers need a lot of power and they are not too sensitive to high-frequency noise. Speaker manufacturers like to match their subwoofers up with some pretty low-quality amplifiers, with switching power supplies and not much filtering.  The sub-woofers sound good, but the problem MSB found is that this noisy subwoofer is connected to your ultra-clean, ultra-precision analogue output. This creates obvious noise and distortion on your main amplifier and speakers. It's like serving fine wine in dirty glasses.  It all started when MSB had a customer who preferred their preamp.  In MSB's experience, there is no preamp that sounds better than having no preamp.  Noticing a powered subwoofer, MSB turned off the subwoofers and the sound came alive. Turned them on but disconnected the input. Still sounded great.  It was not the sound of the sub that was the problem, it was the pollution caused by it.
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Diamond XLR Interconnects
  Like everything MSB designs and engineers, they approached cable testing and design from a scientific perspective. The relationship between the source (DAC or preamp output), the cable, and the receiving component (preamp or amp), is very complex. Due to basic electrical laws describing capacitance, inductance and resistance present in all of these components. The cable does not live alone and the final result must include the capacitance, inductance and resistance of the components it’s attached to on each end. The total result of this 3-way interaction yields the final sonic result.
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