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Metronome CD Players


CD Player - DAC

AQWO is the last generation of Métronome's DAC+SACD/CD hybrids. Actually the first SACD player of the brand, it really is also a very high-end converter decoding DSD up to 512.
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Le Player 3+ CD Player & Hybrid DAC
In its elegant and timeless outfit, Le Player 3+ is the perfect device for all the music lovers who listen to computer music and thus need an excellent DAC, but who also listen to their old CDs from time to time.
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Le Player 3 CD Transport
Le Player 3 is a high-end CD transport in the classic and timeless format of the brand's devices. Equipped with completely new electronics, this device is particularly intended for audiophiles who already have a converter and wish to listen to their CDs in optimal conditions.
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