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Momentum M400 Monoblock Amplifier
   Each Momentum Monoblock amplifier is hand-built and individually tested in D'Agostino's Arizona factory. Rugged through-hole construction allows the use of higher-quality components, thus assuring superior performance for years to come.
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Momentum S250 Stereo Amplifier
   The Momentum S250 stereo amplifier delivers the extraordinary sound quality of the Momentum M400 monoblock in a more affordable stereo design. The circuit topology and construction of the stereo amplifier mirror those of the monoblock, using the same ultra-efficient copper heat sinks with venturi cooling, the same 1% metal-film resistors, the same 69 MHz output transistors and the same fully complementary balanced configuration. The result is audio fidelity equalled by no other amplifier—except, of course, the Momentum M400 monoblock itself—and efficient design that consumes less than 1 watt of power at standby.
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Classic 2 Stereo Amplifier
   The Classic Stereo is the most cost-effective way to experience the incomparable sound quality of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems. Its core technologies are heavily based on the design of D'Agostino's acclaimed Momentum amplifiers. The sound combines the immense power and current needed to drive even the most exotic speakers with a subtle, sweet musicality normally associated with much smaller amplifiers. With the Classic 2, there is no need to worry about finding the right amplifier for your speakers...because the Classic 2 is the right amplifier, no matter what speakers you own.
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Classic 3 Stereo Amplifier
The Classic 3 brings the acclaimed sound of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems amplifiers to home theatres and advanced 2.1-channel stereo systems.
The Classic 3 features the same elegant faceplate and rugged enclosure as the Classic 2. It is the simplest, most affordable way to get true D'Agostino quality: essential sound, with delicacy and dynamics that will please the world's most sophisticated music and home theatre aficionados. Simplicity paired with. pure performance.
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Progression Mono Amplifier
   The Progression mono amplifier is the largest and most powerful Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems has made to date, save for the flagship Relentless. Delivering 500 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 2,000 watts into 2 ohms, it employs a fully complementary driver stage, beefed up with 84 output transistors, a 4000 VA power supply transformer and 400,000 microfarads of power supply storage capacitance.
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 Progression Stereo Amplifier
   The Progression Stereo Amplifier extends the Progression family with a potent stereo amplifier. Leveraging our innovative Super Rail circuitry, first unveiled in the Progression Mono, the Progression Stereo amplifier exploits this unique technology delivering remarkable control and fidelity to any connected loudspeaker.
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Relentless Mono Block Amplifier
   With its 5.5-kilowatt power supply feeding roughly 100 output devices, the Relentless Monoblock easily delivers 1,500 watts into 8 ohms—and when connected to a 220-volt outlet, it doubles its output to 3,000 watts into 4 ohms and 6,000 watts into 2 ohms, all while maintaining the same musical composure it offers at a mere 1 watt.
   The entire chassis of the Relentless Monoblock is machined from solid aluminium, for superior shielding, thermal stability and vibration damping. High-precision milling allows the entire chassis to fit together solidly with no visible fasteners.
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