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Aurender Headphone Amp - DAC


Headphone Amp - DAC

Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier, Designed for serious headphone users. 
Up to 1TB music storage available.
  * Targeted Serious Head-Fi'ers
    - Aurender FLOW has a 6.35 standard headphone jack and enough power to handle hard to drive headphones
      - FLOW keeps the background noise levels ultra-low. making it an excellent match for reference-level custom In-Ear monitors (IEM).
* 0.5dB Velocity Sensitive Volume & Playback Control
* Slot for mSATA External Storage
  - Latest Notebooks typically only have 128 - 256 GB of SSD so there is not much space left for our music libraries.
     - You can utilise the mSATA slot (up to 1TB, optional) and the Aurender FLOW will act as an external USB.

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